'Lateral Geometries' 

... Korini's works from the perspective that Walter Benjamin placed the spatial coordinates for the Angelus Novus, looking at the past with his head turned and with the body taken into the relentless inertia of an ever-increasing, entropic, and confusing future. In fact, like in the case of many of the former countries of Eastern Europe, Albania is still seen as being under construction and in an ongoing process toward something unattainable. There, like in Romania, where in the last hundred years three main political models have existed in succession – fascism, state socialism, and contemporary neoliberal practices - with their analogies and developments concerning arts, have produced subjectivities and generated meanings in public space. For authoritarian regimes, the shaping of urban space was a fundamental part of the political project, and in many cases, the new democratic identity couldn't infuse into these spaces the newborn type of society and its values. In short, if in the West architectural modernism was utilitarian, the "lateral" one of South America or from the East was symbolic. As those places had mainly an aesthetic and symbolic function, there was no preoccupation with creating opportunities for social engagement. It is from this symbolism, voided of its power structure meaning, that Korini creates its new abstract assemblages, proposing to expose them naked to the eye as being just basic decorative elements...

- Horatiu Lipot, Bucharest, Romania 2022

 Lateral Geometries / IOMO Contemporary, Bucharest, Romania 2022

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