Hem Hem / Neither Nor-Either Or

Existing in an accelerated in between, Genti Korini’s new works, speak to the unresolved tension of life as impossibly extended, embodied at its limits, strung out on the materiality of the surface. His new series of paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs are best defined by a sort of turbo-fold capitalism, which takes shape in augmented forms - hybrids of traditional craft and synthetic drip. Consequently, the viewer's gaze it forced to explore the migration and reconfiguration of decontextualized forms, as symptoms of social transformations and certain ideologies, although in different ways. The struggle to claim autonomy for the articulatios of one's own space is perhaps the most significant trait of his recent works, situated at half-distance between formalism and social commentary, without belonging to a predefined artistic category.

2021. Hem Hem / Neither Nor, Either Or. Galeria e Bregdetit. (AL)

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