Wallpaper Print / Variable Size / 2009-Ongoing

The architecture of Tirana, Albania’s capital, is the major visual inspiration behind my work. New Albanian architecture emerges as a symptom of rapidly evolving sociopolitical ideology. Decorative aspects of buildings and urban spaces are visual facets of the larger language of expression, which is intrinsically connected to the imaginary dimension of power (its dream space or virtual space). The facades of Tirana’s apartment blocks, blasted with color and geometric abstractions, are ideological expressions of the dominant visuality. This goes back to 2003 when then mayor-artist (now prime minister) Edi Rama decided to paint the facades of the city with colors in a process of “beautification,” attempting to build a new “Western” image for Albania. According to Jean Baudrillard, power rests upon control of the space of simulacra, while politics is not “any real action or space, but a certain simulation model that manifests itself through little more than its realized effect.”
Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Anton Streletzki,

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